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Hello world!

Welcome to Atlantis! It's my first ever website that serves as a personal space, where I share my art and talk about my interests. Feel invited to check out the art section or my anime and manga section! I plan to adding a lot more but these are the maoinly updated part of the site as of right now. It's not mobile friendly and it works best at 1920 x 1080 resoltion as I'm not good at adjusting the site to other devices than my laptop... sorry x(

Atlantis has it's own button with which you can link Atlantis with to your site if you want and a furry mascot. I hope to make more drawings of her and add her to my main page and maybe the other ones too.

Change log:

22.05.2024 - updated journal in the anime section, I don't know if I remembered everything correctly, but it's okaaay

11.05.2024 - new art in the art section!!

08.05.2024 - added music to my pages! also added watched anime from this year to my anime and manga section.

05.05.2024 - ADDED SECTION FOR ANIME AND MANGA!! There isn't much oh here outside of a journal but I'm really happy how it looks so far.

25.04.2024 - new drawing in the art section!!

22.04.2024 - new art in the art section!

20.04.2024 - added journal section with a journal entry :)

14.04.2024 - NEW SECTION! ANIME GIFS. God why do I always have to get hyperfocused for 6 hours at midnight like I don't get it. I'm dying, but gifs <3

13.04.2024 - new drawings! I also edited the home page a little bit and I think about redoing my about me section but I started working on a different page today so I will pass on that idea rn!

11.04.2024 - new art in the art section!

10.04.2024 - updated the home page!

05.04.2024 - new art in the art section! 69 drawing this year hehe

04.04.2024 - ADDED A BUTTON! It's been a while since last update. I added new art and I'm working on adding journals to the site but it will be long before they will be done (probably)

17.03.2024 - new art again!

16.03.2024 - new art once again!

11.03.2024 - new drawing in the art section!!!

08.03.2024 - new drawing in the art section!!! also added about me page

05.03.2024 - added art page with all of my drawings from 2024. Also added bubbles effect on the home page.

04.03.2024 - nothing much today but I made the container??? box??? the main-thing-of-the-site a little bit longer and orginized pictures on the site and that's it.

03.03.2024 - added music player, finished credits page, made a priorities list and added a guestbook!

02.03.2024 - finished home page for now!

01.03.2024 - worked a lot on coding, tho I struggled for the most part. created div boxes, made a basic introduction.


Reading: Houseki no Kuni

Watching: Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi and anime sesonals

Playing: Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 and Genshin Impact

Drawing: working on owed art

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